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Digital revolution

How the Zero moment and Ultimate moment of truth in the customer journey has been born out of the digital revolution

Posted by Hayley Dawson on August 14, 2017

To provide a great customer experience it’s critical to understand all of the touchpoints (any form of interaction with a brand that a customer may have) that form the customer journey.

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remarketing from the crowd

How to deliver a personalised remarketing experience

Posted by Louise Stevens on August 7, 2017

Remarketing allows you to reconnect with visitors to your website, who may have browsed once but not completed a CTA or in some instances made a purchase.

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Targeting attitude and not age

Posted by Bridgette Ellis on July 31, 2017

Following on from our earlier blog ‘Beware the generational marketing gap in financial services’ we wanted to look at how targeting attitude over age can help financial marketers in a B2C world.

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digital customers journey

Using attribution models to inform your marketing mix

Posted by Hayley Dawson on July 24, 2017

As brands build their portfolio of online and offline marketing channels and devices. It’s more important than ever to ensure marketing spend is allocated to the most valuable network.

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Communicating through the language of negotiation

Communicating through the language of negotiation

Posted by Kem Etele on July 17, 2017

The ability to form clear, persuasive communication is a skill that most marketers would certainly like to think they possess.

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Power of Colour in branding

Power of colour in financial branding

Posted by Jessica Allen on July 10, 2017

Like all company branding the power of colour in communication shouldn’t be underestimated.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail to make a comeback in financial marketing

Posted by Louise Stevens on July 3, 2017

For the last 3 years or so I have been reading articles about direct mail (DM) having made a comeback. To be honest, it never went away, just email became a more instant and measurable way of communicating with clients and prospects.

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Creating personas

How well do you know your audience? Creating personas for financial marketing

Posted by Jessica Allen on June 26, 2017

With a constant flow of marketing activity to be planned and implemented it’s easy to forget the importance of designing each communication with your target audience in mind.

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Digital password

Why conversational commerce may be the future for financial services

Posted by Bridgette Ellis on June 19, 2017

As time goes on and technology becomes more advanced, we speak briefly on conversational commerce and ask the question, is there a place for this trend in financial services?

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How to create a converging content marketing strategy

Posted by Hayley Dawson on June 9, 2017

With so many consumers participating in the content creation and distribution processes, the distinction between who ‘authors’ content and who ‘publishes’ it is becoming increasingly unclear and complex. Paid, owned and earned media simply categorises these different forms of content. Paid media Paid media is the content you pay someone else to publish. You own […]

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