10 top blogs for financial services marketers

Financial services blogs and news for marketing managers

Tina Sadeghi

Account Manager

Posted on January 29, 2015

We’ve rounded up some of the best blogs for financial services marketers to serve as your go-to resources for marketing a financial services company.

1. The Financial Brand


The Financial Brand website screenshot

This blog is geared specifically to marketing leaders in financial services companies and serves as an objective source for insight on marketing, branding and sales strategy.

Recent articles:

2. HubSpot


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We recently started using HubSpot to monitor our marketing efforts and their blog is loaded with the information and resources anyone working in marketing can benefit from.

Blogs we liked:

3. Visible Banking


Visible Banking screenshot

Started in 2007 and maintained by consultant Christophe Langlois, Visible Banking focuses on ‘social media and digital innovation’ and comments on the actions of big names in the industry.

Published news:

4. Danny Brown


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Rated one of the top marketing blogs, Danny Brown writes about business and marketing. He cares about how marketing and business ‘relates to us as humans.’

Check out:

5. Financial Marketing News


Financial Marketing News screenshot

Financial Marketing News (FMN) is powered by Salva O’Renick out of the United States. Their focus is marketing, but they come at their content with finance in mind.

Interesting information:

6. Marketing Profs


Marketing Profs screenshot

Marketing Profs is an excellent resource for any marketing professional. With over half a million members to the site and countless contributors, their topics encompass every angle of marketing.

Relevant posts:

7. Bank Innovation


Bank Innovation site screenshot

To stay on top of marketing for a financial services company, you need to be informed about your industry and your audience. Bank Innovation delivers those industry insights.

Recent articles:

8. Bad Language


Bad Language screenshot

Backed by Articulate Marketing in London, the Bad Language blog is an advocate for excellent writing, but also addresses marketing, leadership and business topics.

Helpful posts:

9. Forward Banker Blog


Forward Banker Blog

Powered by Deluxe, this blog takes contributions from a number of authors offering marketing insight as well as other helpful topics for the finance industry.

Good reads:

10. Financial Social Media


Financial Social Media screenshot

Many of their articles are specific to financial advisers and social media, but the information is worthwhile for any financial marketing professional.

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And, of course, our financial services marketing blog addresses the topics which matter to you.

Make a point to find your go-to resources so you are always informed and always confident in forming your marketing strategy.