5 reasons to feature a blog on your website

feature a blog on your website

Hayley Dawson

Senior Account Manager

Posted on June 16, 2015

Blogging, as a platform, has perhaps done more to empower voices in recent times than any other.

Used as a diary, opinion column or a way to respond to current affairs, blogs provide a powerful way for individuals to explore thoughts and experiences within a public arena. Suddenly everyone can be a published writer. Feeding and evolving into wider forms of social media, blogs give everyone a way to connect with audiences and see a message read and shared, sometimes with unexpectedly influential results.

But blogging hasn’t remained personal, or a grassroots tool. Businesses have long since discovered that they too can leverage blogging’s power to establish and enhance their online presence. Used alongside social media marketing, blogs provide businesses with a valuable opportunity to share expertise, news and brand messages with a larger audience, encouraging response, relationship-building and interaction.

At least, that’s the official line we’d all nod along to in our marketing meetings. Blogging for business is beginning to be considered standard good practice, but deep down, do many of us still secretly view blogging as unnecessarily time-consuming and pointless? Do we question why we’re bothering?

We believe blogging has more value than simply letting us follow the crowd. Did you know that companies that blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don’t?

Here are 5 practical reasons why we think you should feature a blog on your website and how it is advantageous for your business:

1. As a communication device

A blog provides a great marketing communication tool, relaying informal messages, accomplishments or important business news in a way that is open, low-pressured and responsive. Clients and customers can keep up-to-date, share and discuss what’s most relevant and feed back their thoughts, whilst a blog’s voice and authors adds a more human dimension to your business.

2. As a market research tool

Thanks to widely available inexpensive or free analytics tools, blogs make it easy and quick to measure which of your posts are generating the most interest, and with whom. They encourage us to be curious and ask questions. Why did this post get shared more than others? Why did this post generate so many hits from search engines? Why did this post have a high bounce rate, as people clicked off to look at something else? Questions like this can improve your marketing and provide insight and direction into what kinds of messages, products and services could be created or developed in the future.

3. As a brand-builder

An active business blog can show that your company is one step ahead of everyone else in your industry. It can be what makes you stand out and demonstrates that you’re switched on. By writing about relevant new trends and key business news, by building a readership and becoming a trusted and well-received voice, blogs can be a way to communicate the personality of your organisation, build likeability, visibility and authority, and demonstrate your ability to lead.

4. As an SEO boost

A well-written blog post can attract organic visitors and drive traffic to your website by ranking highly for specific keywords. In an age when Google is often our first port of call for questions, research and enquiries, blogs let us take advantage of the way people search for information. By landing on your blog through a search engine search, traffic to your website increases and your website’s general ranking improves. Visitors can also be encouraged to click through to other pages, encouraging lead generation and, potentially, new customers.

5. As evidence of reliability

Trust and reliability are rare and valuable commodities that can take a significant amount of time and effort to be earned. There are no short-cuts to proving your reliability, but a regular, creative and varied blog does help. It demonstrates your commitment to your business and your readers by communicating: “we’re here, we’re sticking around, and you can rely on us”.

If you’d like to chat about introducing a blog or any other key features of a financial services website to grow your organic traffic, we’d love for you to make the most of our free, no-obligation marketing consultation. Give us a call and we can get you started.