6-step process to design success

6 steps to better designs

Sarah Sullivan


Posted on October 9, 2017

Establishing a design process is essential to nailing a design first time round. So what does a good design process look like and who is involved to ensure you get the best end result? Here are the 6 steps we take to ensure that the design process encompasses our requirements and exceeds your expectations:

1. Identify

It’s vital to identify exactly what the problem is, who the problem affects and where you expect to see a change. Being involved helps us to help you manage your business’ expectations; whether this be budget, timeframe or overall direction.

2. Discuss

Attending a brainstorming session allows you to bounce ideas off our design team, discuss likes and dislikes and agree on a design route. There are various brainstorming techniques to try including flip chart jotting, post-it note scattering, sketching or mood boarding. We test various ways until finding a technique that works for you.

3. Prepare

Reviewing all the information gathered from step 1 and 2, we work with you to construct the creative brief. Sharing the design brief with you ensures that the entire team is on the same page and the project is ready to move onto the next stage.

4. Form

We conceptualise initial routes with a few visuals, to provide insight into the perception in mind. These ‘routes in’ help form the end result and aid you in understanding the direction we have taken.

5. Listen

Obtaining feedback from the ‘routes in’ created in step 4, by showing them to as many relevant people is an invaluable exercise. This aids the design stage and engages the wider business, helping them to understand your vision.

6. Improve

Incorporating all feedback into the design, may mean stepping back through the design process to refine and clarify them. This is a cycle that is repeated until a final design is achieved.

Designing goes beyond the responsibility of just the designer. It includes us (the agency), you (the client) and the wider team (the business). It is important that everybody is on the same page at every stage of the design process so we can help you achieve your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.