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The word 'brand' drawn out with coloured pencils

Brand development – the importance of key descriptors in building a personality

Posted by Sarah Sullivan on August 5, 2019

Learn how to make your brand stand out. Our experience and expertise outlined in this blog to help you present your business the way you want it to be seen.

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The Bank of England

How the changing demographics are affecting wealth manager brands

Posted by Russ Welch on June 10, 2019

Wealth Managers have built their brands on private clients in the City, but with a shift in demographics will they be left behind?

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Financial marketers making a choice

In-house and agency financial marketing: A comparison

Posted by Russ Welch on February 4, 2019

A look at the key differences between in-house and external agencies to help financial markerters make the most of their marketing budget.

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Designs of the Year exhibition posters

Designs Of The Year: Inspiration for your marketing projects

Posted by Russ Welch on November 9, 2018

A review of the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year exhibition: Inspiration for your marketing projects.

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Why a cheap logo won’t work for your financial brand

Posted by Hayley Dawson on October 29, 2018

Can a cheap logo effectively represent your financial brand or should you be investing in a professional design?

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How extended reality is shaping the future of the financial industry

Posted by Sara Turkes on October 15, 2018

An overview of extended reality, why it is shaping the future and how it can be leveraged within the financial industry.

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Monzo debit card image

Spot the difference: Observations on the visual identities and website designs of the digital banking sector

Posted by Russ Welch on June 18, 2018

An analysis of the visual characteristics employed by a cross section of digital banking sector brands.

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Why your financial agency should always present a rationale alongside their creative idea

Posted by Jessica Sims on June 1, 2018

Discover the importance of supporting financial campaign ideas with strong creative rationales.

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Should financial services websites use off-the-shelf WordPress themes?

Posted by Richard Cowdery on May 7, 2018

Off-the-shelf WordPress themes can offer a quick and cheap way of building a web site, but is it a good idea to use them for your financial services site?

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Why scamps are crucial to the creative financial marketing process

Posted by Jessica Sims on April 23, 2018

We highlight the importance of scamps in financial marketing and the need to value a creative idea in its basic form.

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