5 Top tips for Corporate Christmas gifts

Corporate Christmas gifts

Avni Tailor

Account Manager

Posted on November 10, 2015

Now that the pumpkins have disappeared from the shops and bonfire night has sparked and fizzed itself into last week, I think we can safely say it’s time to start looking forward to Christmas. November is the month where we start to remember that a month is a relatively short space of time, and we have rather a lot to fit into it.

It becomes so easy to see gift giving as another chore to add to the to-do list. It’s even easier to let it become muddled up with our marketing schedules and agendas and feel like it needs to achieve something.

But here at Talisman, we think gift giving should be fun, even as a business. It doesn’t always have to be strategic or complex, it can simply be an opportunity to remind people that they matter and that you appreciate them.

The wealth of personalised corporate christmas gift options these days gives us the chance to step away from the typical big logo, corporate-branded gifts that we’ve all become used to. Let’s start making personalisation about our clients, not about us.

We’ve come up with five gift suggestions that you can personalise creatively while still giving something useful and thoughtful. Each one could be a way to communicate what all good gifts should say – not “look at us”, but “we think you’re great”. So make the people that matter most to your business smile, not roll their eyes.

1. Desk Calendars

We’re all ruled by our timetables, so productivity tools always make sense. But if clients are going to have something visible on their desk all year round, they’re going to value a desk calendar that looks good – not a cheap, cardboard promotional advert that happens to have the months of the year printed on.

2. Advent Calendars

We’re all kids at heart. Advent calendars – containing good chocolate, not the kind that makes you feel like you might as well have eaten the packaging – are always going to go down well.

How about these cube designs containing Lindt chocolate?

3. Christmas Crackers

Sending a big box of Christmas crackers to an office as party season approaches is another nice idea, especially if everyone is rushed off their feet with not much time for celebrating.

Give you favourite clients the chance to stop, pull a cracker, wear a silly hat and fight over the best novelty toys. That’s always going to make for a good day.

4. Chocolate/sweets

This one’s a no-brainer. Send a pick n’ mix delivery, cakes or something more personal with these printed chocolates. We remember the people who feed us well.

5. Corporate Christmas gift sacks

As a final idea, how about these Christmas gift sacks? If you’re feeling extra generous, you could always fill them up, too!

Happy gift giving. We hope all your gifts, given and received promote genuine fun and feel-good this year, and can avoid getting swept into a drawer along with all the usual logo-printed pens!