Customer Journey Tracking in Financial Services – Are you using it?

Bridgette Ellis

Account Executive

Posted on March 1, 2017

Knowing where your customers or prospects have been before they have visited your web page can provide you with a wealth of insight that you never thought was possible.

Having a tool or software that will empower your understanding of the journey that an individual has taken, being able to optimise their customer experience, enabling you to make better informed decisions about products or services and better utilising the information you have on an individual to market to them on their preferred platform, are just a handful of the benefits associated.

Customer journey tracking, should be extensively used within Financial Services in order to share insight with sales teams and other key personnel in your organisation. If you know that your customer or prospect has been through various other channels and has searched for specific keywords and you have a product or service that could benefit them, this could give you a market-leading edge on your competitors.

It demonstrates your willingness to learn about an individual, giving you the opportunity to target them on platforms used the most.

This is an exceptional tool that is great for B2B Financial Services, enabling you to be forward thinking, providing a solution to your client before a problem is presented.

Customer journey tracking has been used and has helped the following companies engage further with their audience:

  • AS Watson
  • QineticQ
  • AURA
  • BT
  • BP
  • Nokia