Discovering your financial brand’s tone of voice


Jessica Sims

Creative Strategist

Posted on January 8, 2018

In our previous blog, The benefit of brand characteristics in financial marketing, we discussed the importance of brand archetypes.

To recap, brand archetypes can communicate a brand’s values by conveying meaning instantly through recognisable and relatable characteristics. There are 12 in total.

Humans are drawn to different characteristics because we either admire or relate to them – and brands are no different. Archetypes convey a meaning that makes customers gravitate to a product or service.

Next step – adding a voice

In this blog, we continue with the next step of the branding process; advising you on how to craft an effective and relatable tone of voice through the use of your identified brand archetypes.

Creating your brand’s tone of voice might seem difficult, to help we find it useful to visualise a brand as a character from a book; asking:

  • What would he/she mostly like to talk about?
  • What does his/her voice sound like?
  • How would he/she approach a conversation?
  • Does he/she speak formally or informally?
  • What is he/she’s level of vocabulary?

By asking these question, you will soon discover the terminology that is right for your brand.

It is all about how you say it

For example the below statements convey a similar message, but are delivered in a different manner that is in-keeping to the related archetype.

Sage: Built on a foundation of 25 years’ worth of financial knowledge, our experienced advisers provide tailored guidance to every customer through our bespoke solutions.

Ruler: With competitive offerings, we lead the way on providing our customers with opportunities tailored to their ambitions.

Caregiver: Valuing your needs and the importance of individuality, we’re here to help find the best solution for you.

Finding a balance

Just like us, your brand can be made up of various archetypes and for this reason we recommend that you create a hierarchy for them. Now that we have identified how traits can be brought to life through a brand’s tone of voice, the next step is to organise them in a way that reflects your hierarchy.

In my next blog I will address how to bring your brand to life through the creation of a visual identity.