Event marketing ideas: Reduce your print, save time and get some metrics

Louise Stevens

Client Services and Operations Director

Posted on January 20, 2017

So you’ve exhibited at an event, and now you’re spending hours entering contact details from the business cards you have collected into your CRM. Or you’re planning an event and wondering how many copies of your printed marketing materials to take.

Does this sound familiar?

These were the issues facing our client, Partnership and we developed an elegant solution, designed specifically to address these issues – an event app. The app was a great success and we think that more financial service companies should be adopting this approach.

The app was placed on an event stand and allowed:

  • Visitors to browse the client’s products and services in a user friendly way
  • Interested visitors to request literature packs – reducing print costs and wastage
  • The automatic capture of visitor data directly into their CRM
  • The creation of an automated follow up email (sent after the event) with PDF copies of literature. Partnership could track who read the emails and those that were clicking through – allowing them to identify prospects to follow up

It’s nice when the big problems have a simple solution.