Why your financial agency should always present a rationale alongside their creative idea


Jessica Sims

Creative Strategist

Posted on June 1, 2018

We often hear the phrases ‘what is the big idea?’ or ‘does it have legs?’ with reference to a creative idea. This is usually a sign that the rationale behind the campaign needs explaining and importantly, why this makes it a great idea.

What is a rationale?

As the name implies, a rationale is a rational explanation for something – in this case, an idea. It is a brief explanation into the insight and truth behind the idea. When creativity is added to the rationale a meaningful campaign is generated that resonates with the target audience and the brand.

What is the role of a rationale?

This question is best answered through an example.

Barclay Card NY Roller Coaster Commercial may trigger the thought, what is the relevance of a rollercoaster in this financial advert?

At the time of release, contactless payment was new to market and had little awareness. Targeting young professionals, this advert taps into the excitement of adventure and emphasises the benefits of being an early product adapter – don’t you want to be on the rollercoaster?

The idea also communicates the product’s benefits of being easier and quicker than traditional payment methods, signified by the simplicity and speed of transportation.

Why an idea should be supported by a rationale

It is important for clients to understand the strategy behind an idea and how a concept capitulates the needed information.

So next time you think to yourself that the advert you are viewing is ‘random’, I ensure you it isn’t. As behind every wacky idea, rests a strategically informed and insightful rationale.