Why blogger outreach has a place in B2B financial marketing


Hayley Dawson

Senior Account Manager

Posted on October 8, 2018

There is a common misconception that blogger outreach is just for B2C companies. But, no matter the industry and target audience there is a place for influencer marketing, including B2B financial marketing.

You can positively promote your product or service as much as you want, but it’s a game changer when influencers share their experience with your product or service. Building strong relationships with the bloggers in your industry is always something to consider when creating your financial marketing strategy.

Identify the goal of your outreach campaign

As with all marketing activity, you must start by defining a goal:

  1. Do you want to reach a wider audience by getting your content on other blogs?
  2. Or, are you more interested in getting other bloggers content to point back to your website to increase inbound links and improve SEO?

Once your goal has been determined you can begin the process of finding relevant bloggers and understanding the best way to engage in conversation.

How to identify blogs/influencers

The below Google News filter options will allow you to search the web for the most relevant blogs related to your search topic. For example, if you’re a provider of B2B leasing solutions looking to reach a wider audience by getting your content on other sites, you could search for ‘equipment finance’.

Google News > Click the ‘Tools’ button > Change country dropdown to UK > Change ‘All News’ dropdown to ‘Blogs’ > type in your search term as you would on the usual Google homepage.

Once you have completed a few searches and identified some relevant blogs, you can then use the search engine optimisation tool MOZ, to determine which blogs are best to target based on their domain authority. The higher the score, the better the domain authority and therefore the more likely the blog is to rank well in search engines – great news if your content is on their site.

How to engage influencers

Now you’ve identified the most relevant blog with the best domain authority you might be wondering how to engage with these influencers. Below are some tips on how to start the conversation and begin to build a relationship.

  • Promote your own domain authority (if it’s good) and explain the post will link back to their website
  • Agree to produce exclusive content for them
  • Agree to interview to build their profile
  • Offer freebies/invites
  • Payment can be considered to improve visibility of your content, but this has to be stated with Google and they will not count it as a positive piece of content towards your SEO