The Top 5 Presentation Tools in Financial Marketing


Paul Brand

Creative Artworker

Posted on December 28, 2017

When tasked with putting a presentation together it can be all too easy to throw a few PowerPoint slides together. Do you always use PowerPoint because it’s the only presentation software likely to be already installed on your computer? Sometimes this is the perfect solution to your financial marketing presentation. However other times your content may be better placed in a different format. We take a look at 5 presentation tools, including PowerPoint. Analysing their advantages and disadvantages to help you choose the right marketing tool for your presentations.

1. Acrobat Interactive PDF

Interactive PDFs are a useful and adaptable marketing presentation tool with easy navigation that allows you to present effectively and clearly. The file can easily be transferred and viewed on multiple devices/platforms and can also be downloaded from a website or just simply emailed.

In particular, it is well suited for companies that employ agencies to produce their presentation material as they can use design programmes such as Adobe InDesign that have interactive features setup for when exporting to PDF.


  • Password protection makes it very easy to secure your sensitive information.
  • Allows you to add hyperlinks, rich media, music and movies – increasing the level of interactivity.
  • Has a selection of built-in slide transitions.
  • Files size can be compressed for convenient sharing.


  • Presentation needs to be produced from other software such as InDesign, for example.

2. Keynote

Keynote has a user-friendly interface when compared with its main competitor, PowerPoint. The simple drag-and-drop assembly and its context-sensitive Inspector tool allows the user to easily control the attributes of each element.


  • Available as an App for use on mobile devices.
  • Comes with modern pre-made slide templates.
  • Media-based and offers sound, image, and video integration.
  • Real-time collaboration across many apple products.


  • Apple based product, although can be used on a PC using iWork for iCloud.
  • Does not integrate well with other software other that Adobe products.
  • May find it difficult to share files with your audience/clients.

3. PowerPoint

The number one ‘go-to’ software – In the right hands you can produce really good and effective presentations.


  • Part of the Microsoft Office package and is cheaper to purchase than other software.
  • Robust design options and multimedia capabilities.
  • Best suited for data-focused and informative presentations.
  • Available as an App for use on mobile devices.


  • Not all features are available across platforms i.e. Apple/PC.
  • Compatibility and feature differences across the many versions of the software.
  • Lack of design functions to choose from.
  • Templates may be perceived as ‘old fashioned’.

4. Video

Video covers many areas from animation, training, advertising and all forms of social media. It doesn’t have to be expensive to produce either, depending on how far you want to go to capture your audience’s attention. Video is such a versatile platform and can easily be adapted for your requirements and budget. Explore why video might be the presentation tool for you.


  • Full High Definition (HD)/4k resolution.
  • Combined footage for three dimensional (3D), two dimensional (2D) and animation.
  • Sound editing.
  • Can be used for online media and embedding within other software.


  • No interaction i.e. click tags, hyperlinks, rollovers would need to be adapted in third party software.
  • Some specialised software can take years to learn.
  • Can be expensive to produce as some types of video requires professionals to build.

5. Prezi

Built on a zoom in and out platform, allowing you to have the freedom of movement to enable conversational presenting. Prezi is worth considering if you want something more engaging than PowerPoint, but not on a large scale like that of a video, for example.


  • Cloud-based, Prezi allows you to view anywhere providing you have an internet connection.
  • Great for storytelling-driven presentations.
  • Integration of multimedia, pngs and vector images.
  • Clean movement so that the audience can easily follow.


  • All of the animation used within Prezi can distract your audience from the content of the presentation.
  • Very timely and costly to edit once the presentation has been built.
  • Can be frustrating to use, to produce really good presentations you will probably need to produce parts using other software and import directly into your template.
  • Each presentation tool has their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the message you are trying to convey as well as understanding your audience will help you to make the best informed decision for you and your team as to what financial marketing tool you should be using.