What is the best icon library to use in your financial services PowerPoint presentation?


Paul Brand

Creative Artworker

Posted on April 16, 2018

When it comes to producing financial services presentations these days, businesses are using more vector based icons and infographics than ever before. Not only do these look clean and simple, but they also help people absorb the information quicker. It takes the brain longer to process text-based or verbal information, visual content reaches an individual’s brain in 0.25 seconds.

This is also demonstrated in our blog on How to liven up your financial data with infographics.

PowerPoint icons

In 2016 Microsoft released Office 365 for windows, if you are registered for the subscribed version of this software it comes with the additional online icon library. These icons are .svg (Scalable Vector Graphic) files that you can easily use as they are, or adapt to work best for you.

In PowerPoint this can be found in your Ribbon under the title Icons (see image below).


If the icon symbol does not appear within your ribbon you may need to customise it, to do this right click over your ribbon area and select customise the ribbon. You will find it under the main tab heading on the right hand side, then drill down through the drop down menu to the following place:

> Insert > Illustrations > Insert Icons

To access the images, click on the Icon symbol as shown above, then the following menu will appear as shown below. Just select the icon that works best for your design, you can select multiple symbols if required.


Once you have selected the icon(s) that you like and have imported them to your slide page, you can now manipulate them to work with your design.

The advantage of using PowerPoint’s built-in .svg images is that you can easily change their colour or line weight without having to go back to the original source and create a new file to import onto your page slide.

Create your own icons

Alternatively, why not create your own library of financial services icons using a vector based program like Illustrator. Producing your own icons has its advantages, your designs can be styled to fit with your brand, are unique to you and you will be able to use these icons across multiple platforms other than Microsoft Office software.


When you are happy with your icons simply save them as a .svg file so that you can import them into your PowerPoint presentation. If you need to modify them after you have imported them, simply select the image, right click and scroll down and select ungroup. The icons will split into their individual outlined paths so that you can easily adapt them.