Can you guess their age?

Russ Welch

Lead Creative

Posted on March 17, 2017

Helvetica is 60 years old this year! Doesn’t she look great? Shown above is the poster from the feature-length film released in 2007.

However it’s not the only typeface who’s origin may surprise you. Take a look through the following type samples and see if you can guess their year of release.


Typeface 1

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Bubbly and modern she may be but Herbert Bayer’s Bauhaus typeface began life as far back as 1925 at the German Bauhaus School. Wow!

Typeface 2

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Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet featured on Joy Division’s album “Substance” in 1988 but was originally designed in 1967. Amazing!

Typeface 3

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A favourite throughout the 70’s and 80’s, Peignot (pronounced pen-yoe) was designed by Art-Deco designer Cassandre in 1937. Phew!

Typeface 4

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She wouldn’t look out of place in a Soviet Propaganda poster but Neville Brody’s Industria Inline was designed in 1989. #legwarmers!

Typeface 5

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Due to be designed in about 100 years, this Jurriaan Schrofer typeface from 1972 pretty much proves the existence of time travel. #tardis

Typeface 6

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Popular in the 80s, and the current 80s revival, Paul Renner’s Futura was designed back in 1927! I feel dizzy!

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