Hero, hub and hygiene – content for different stages of the customer journey

Hayley Dawson

Senior Account Manager

Posted on April 28, 2017

The content marketing matrix illustrates how different types of content can play a role in the customer journey. It can help ensure that your content drives customers towards a goal, appealing to them on both a rational and emotional level as you guide them along the path to purchase.

The quadrants of the matrix represent the four main purposes of content: to entertain, to inspire, to educate, and to convince.

Failure to create content that meets all of these criteria could result in missing out on appealing to certain potential customers. The content marketing matrix also allows you to plan out the various types of content you intend to create, ensuring it caters for a wide variety of interests and satisfies any the demands of your customers.

The hero, hub and hygiene model

Providing regular content that ticks all the right boxes will encourage your audience to keep coming back and re-engaging. The hero, hub and hygiene model puts content at the centre of things, recognising that people are no longer living their lives according to a campaign schedule.

Hero content is designed to inspire, entertain and attract both new and loyal customers, for example the launch of a new advert or video. This is then supported by hub content, taking the form of regular pieces that loyal customers expect, such as weekly or monthly updates. Finally, hygiene content aims to answer questions from customers, such as a how-to video on YouTube.

Where to start

Start by planning the big hero pieces you envisage over the coming year (usually 2 pieces) and work out how regular hub and hygiene content can be linked to each one.

A content calendar built on the three Hs model is a great way of getting different teams and channels to support one another and provides a clear sight of where your content strategy is heading.

For example, if you are marketing your annuity product offering to IFAs the following pieces can be used to support your content strategy:

  • Hero content – Produce a whitepaper focused on safe withdrawal rates
  • Hygiene content – Develop a series of pension advice guides and sales aids for IFAs to use with their clients
  • Hub content – From this whitepaper, create a series of spin off blogs evaluating the pension’s landscape, regulatory changes, reviewing other available options and answering common questions