In-house or outsource? Getting more from your digital marketing agency

Sara Turkes

Senior Account Manager

Posted on April 15, 2019

This may well be our most one-sided discussion yet because, trust us, it’s a no-brainer.

Outsourcing your digital marketing, at the very least in part, offers such a growing ream of benefits that many organisations run the risk of holding themselves back by dismissing it. In this blog we will talk about some of the benefits of using a digital marketing agency for financial services brands.

Simplifying your financial marketing

Steering the marketing activity of an organisation is a huge undertaking for what’s often a small team.  What’s more, digital isn’t a static field and difficult to pin down cost effectively into fixed roles or schedules. What’s relevant one year or even one month, might be redundant or at least much lower down the priority ladder the next, with a whole new digital issue having risen to take its place.

Deciding to ‘take on’ all digital implementation on top of everything else can put much additional stress and uncertainty onto already packed workloads. Marketing teams suffer, and digital performance suffers too.

Outsourcing provides a solution, and a persuasive one at that.

Here are six reasons why handing over some responsibility for your digital marketing to an agency or another external source may be one of the best decisions you could ever make for your business.

1. Pay only for what you need

It’s simple: you pay far less for access to the top digital minds for short, focused projects than you ever would to employ them in-house. The money needed to attract and keep staff trained to consistently high levels of digital expertise is liable to eat up a smaller business’s marketing budget before anything has even been developed.

If you outsource your digital marketing to a skilled external agency, you get to compete on a level playing field with those organisations that have the means to hire the best. The agency shoulders the cost of hiring and training the highest skilled staff – you just pay for results.

2. Gain insider knowledge of current trends

With such fast-paced and varied workloads, there often isn’t the space, time or freedom for in-house teams to proactively invest in digital education. Trends and technology change fast. What you read up on last month might have changed already.

Digital agencies make it their priority to keep up to date. It’s core to their culture to check news sites, attend industry events and network with other professionals to find out what’s working best, and then quickly incorporate any changes into their approach.

3. Benefit from the most useful specialist skills

Unlike an in-house team who need to be generalists, a digital marketing agency benefits from having staff trained in specialist technology and skills. By using lots of different approaches with different organisations over time, agencies can refine their use of systems, processes and tools, honing their use down to the simplest, most cost-effective and highest-performing. Put simply, agencies can see what works first and then train or hire someone to deliver it.

At Talisman, this is illustrated by our use of WordPress in our service delivery. We found that it was WordPress that consistently gave a stand-out performance far and beyond other content management systems, so we made sure our development staff are WordPress experts.

4. See the bigger picture

Keeping focused on results, spotting problems before they become unmanageable, and delegating well are all a challenge when you’re deeply embroiled in a project, especially if the pressure is on.

A bigger agency team can provide some much-needed perspective and insight. By incorporating good project management into their work with you, they’ll track progress, KPIs, and ensure the right people are working on the right tasks.

5. Give creativity the environment it needs

Creative agencies are run in a way that fosters the creative process. They need to be idea machines, creative playgrounds and innovation-encouragers. In-house marketing departments, with all their additional pressures, are usually by nature more formal, more rigid and more pressured.

By having your project explored and considered within a creative environment, you’ll benefit from all the dynamic, bold, “square-free” personalities and processes that agencies are best known for.

6. Free up time

By delegating the time-consuming aspects of a digital project to an agency, you free up your staff to work on other things rather than getting sucked into time-draining details. It could mean more time to build relationships with clients, become a recognisable presence at events or work on longer-term strategy – not having to worry about the digital side of things gives you more time to make sure your business is thriving.

The potential of all six of these benefits is increased many times over if you pick a specialist financial services agency who knows your industry, your audience and who have experience running similar projects.

Here at Talisman, we work with the financial industry, offering digital services that have been perfected to perform highly for financial service providers. Incorporating WordPress website design and build, SEO, social media, digital publishing and application development, we’ll make sure your digital growth is in good hands.