I Agree! Popups – A free Terms and Conditions plugin for your WordPress website

I Agree! Popups for Wordpress websites

Jake Clegg-Reed

Digital Developer

Posted on April 25, 2016

Often, when developing websites, we get asked if we can incorporate a Terms and Conditions agreement feature.

This feature usually takes the form of a popup window that appears over the page in question, requiring users to read and acknowledge a message before they continue. Once they agree, their choice is remembered, and they gain access to the content.

Our bright idea

Most of the websites we build and maintain for clients use the WordPress content management system – by far the easiest and most flexible website platform out there.

It was the frequency of the request for T&C functionality plus our love of WordPress that gave us an idea: to create a ready-to-use WordPress plugin ourselves that would help streamline the T&C features on all our future builds.

The result was so simple and useful that we felt bad keeping it to ourselves. We decided to make the plugin freely available on the WordPress plugin repository so that all other WordPress users could benefit. We’re ever so nice like that.

And here we have it: I Agree! Popups.

Six steps to better consent

Downloading the free I Agree! plugin means you can now create Terms and Conditions or Disclaimer popup windows on your website with absolutely no CSS or HTML coding.

Its six features cover everything you’ll need:

  1. Create a single popup to appear across your entire site, assign it to specific posts and pages, or even have multiple popups with different content appear on any posts and pages you choose.
  1. Customise your popup content and button text using WordPress’s familiar text editor. You can communicate anything you like, using your brand’s tone of voice.
  1. Assign a specific agreement period to the choice. If a user agrees to your terms or acknowledges your message, a single, non-intrusive cookie will be stored in their browser until it’s time to ask them again.
  1. Redirect users who decide not to agree to your terms to your chosen URL.
  1. Style your popups using drop-down options to match their look to your website’s theme and colours.
  1. Relax, knowing your popups are fully responsive, and will play nicely on devices of all shapes and sizes.

Setting up the plugin and its features only takes a few minutes and requires no specialist knowledge or developer input, just admin access to your usual WordPress dashboard.

It really couldn’t be easier.

Why not download the plugin and give it a go yourself! We’d love to know what you think.