How Inbound can improve your sales and marketing

sales and marketing

Tina Sadeghi

Account Manager

Posted on December 7, 2015

It is important to remember that sales and marketing go hand in hand – what you do with your sales strategy has an effect on your marketing. Organisations where both teams work together tend to see an increase in revenue as their objectives match and work towards one outcome – close and convert qualified lead. When businesses experience conflict between the two teams, there is a higher level of competition and the objectives and outcomes will be different, in term affecting growth in revenue.

This means that without a combined team between sales and marketing, all the hard work and time spent in developing modern, effective marketing approaches will not always see results where it matters – revenue.

So what’s the answer?

There is a lot of information readily available on how to align your marketing and sales teams, but our view here at Talisman is that you don’t need to think about it in complex terms. We aligned our sales and marketing by implementing inbound marketing as our main strategy. We use Hubspot – an integrated sales and marketing system that helps pull everything together and ensures a consistent approach.

Here’s our thinking in creating a more cohesive and productive workforce that’s more likely to see that big boom in revenue.

Unite as one team in one location, keep communication going and send a clear message: we’re working together to achieve the same things. Joint goals, meetings, reports, metrics, conversion targets and KPI’s for the whole team will help you set a focused, joint agency: to close sales and generate revenue.

Change the way you work and think about each other

See yourselves as one team with different roles and embrace a new working dynamic. See data as the gateway for both sales and marketing – a source material that helps marketing to qualify leads and sales to tailor their approach to close leads.

Marketing is responsible for generating relevant content that allows communication to begin with prospects. This then leads to identifying and analysing those that can be categorised as qualified leads, using automated workflows.

Sales can adapt their approaches based on the information given by marketing, using data such as behaviour, interests and requirements to overcome a pain point.

Listen – improve – create offer

Working together helps both teams to align their strategy and maintain a rapport with those leads that may not have been converted. Allow the cycle to begin again. We’ve adapted this approach and have seen a significant increase in activity and getting to know our clients better as well as understanding the needs of the market.

By using inbound to align your sales and marketing, you can better identify what channels are working, what kind of clients are responding best and how to tailor your strategies to covert leads.

Remember to listen, improve and create an offer!