What we learned from taking HubSpot’s inbound marketing certifications

Hayley Dawson

Senior Account Manager

Posted on September 10, 2015

Back in November 2014, we launched our new website. Kick-starting Talisman’s commitment to inbound marketing strategy, our website gave us the platform we needed to showcase useful content, information, and better communicate our brand personality. But the website alone wasn’t going to do everything we needed.

Inbound marketing relies not only on content but on targeted use and promotion of that content across multiple platforms. Managing that multi-platform content and monitoring audiences’ interactions with it can be time-consuming. What’s more, if content is managed poorly, businesses may fail to seize the opportunity that sits at the heart of all inbound marketing strategy.

What we need to learn is how and when to maximise and personalise a client’s relationship with us, and turn that into a solid lead and a worthwhile ROI.

HubSpot was our answer.

Out of all the inbound marketing streamlining systems on the market, it was HubSpot that offered the most persuasive package of services and the training. We took HubSpot’s Inbound Certification (which is available free), closely followed by HubSpot Certification. From there on in, we’ve never looked back.

Now certified HubSpot partners, HubSpot not only underpins our own business marketing but now forms a core service that we offer out to all our financial services clients.

What we learned

HubSpot certifications consist of informative videos and training documents that explain the concepts of inbound marketing. This is followed by guidance on how best to use of HubSpot’s software to interpret data and plan successful inbound marketing strategies and workflows.

At the heart of that training, we identified three key truths:

1. Selling is a learning process

Turning a contact or potential lead into a client requires proactive, ongoing learning and adaptation. We need the right tools to allow us to ask the right questions and gain access to the right answers. Targeted marketing means taking the time to get to know our audience, watch their activity, learn from it, and refine our approach, our timing and our content accordingly. We have to learn what people want before we can offer them something that will win them over.

2. Nurturing relationships takes time

You can’t earn trust overnight. In the same way that we need to get to know our audience and learn the best way to sell to them, they also need time to get to know us. Warmth, receptiveness and ‘hot’ buying behaviour will take time to build and grow as we prove to them that we understand their needs and are worth listening to. We need to be patient, earn trust rather than expect it, use the tools at our disposal well, and not rush.

3. Audiences want to be talked to, not at

Inbound marketing is about conversations, not about one-sided broadcasts.  We need to give audiences opportunities to talk back to us – whether that’s directly through open communication channels, or implicitly, through behaviour, responses and activity. What’s more, we need to listen. If we’re not prepared to adapt our strategy and approach in response to the way our audiences perceive and interact with us, we’re never going to succeed.

What we gained

The journey since has been about putting all this into practice with the help of HubSpot’s software.

More specifically, HubSpot has helped us to:

  • Listen to what our prospects want, need and respond to
  • Build personas that accurately reflect our audience
  • Create personalised, dynamic content around those personas
  • Plan and send emails that people will want to open and read
  • Capture useful data from our most worthwhile leads
  • Create interactive databases that track behaviour
  • Automate our marketing through list-making and workflows

We’ve stuck with it because it’s working. Since certifying with HubSpot at the end of last year, we’ve gained over 450 new leads and over 30 new marketing-qualified leads have identified themselves as more deeply engaged with our services. Our average monthly website traffic has increased by over 400% and we’ve just reached a milestone of over 500 followers on Twitter.

It’s HubSpot that’s adding value to our content. Taking us beyond good copy, HubSpot is helping us to start rewarding conversations, build credibility, invest in relationships, and, in time, turn all that into quality conversions.

And the best thing about it all is that, as a HubSpot certified marketing agency, we can do the same for you. We’re able to work in partnership with you and HubSpot to better facilitate and implement smoother, easier inbound services and support for your business. If you ever need more information, we’ll always be glad to talk you through it.