Is there a place for humour in financial marketing?

Jessica Sims

Creative Strategist

Posted on April 19, 2017

Like many marketing strategies, humour offers an engaging approach that can humanise an industry that many see as remote. Marketing experts suggest that humour provides a pathway to achieving the fundamental elements that form positive relationships – ultimately we buy from people and brands we like (John Caples).

Attracting viewers’ responsiveness (laughter) offers a way to engage with them on a more human level.

For example, Octopus Investment have established the perfect balance between relatability and attentiveness. Captured predominantly in the headline, the ad speaks directly to the desired target group; cementing a relationship through the notion of a ‘shared joke.’ This unconsciously relays the message, ‘we understand you and we are here to help you. Trust in us.’

So next time you are launching a campaign, ask yourself:

  • What approach will anchor our brand’s values?
  • What TOV will the target group respond to?
  • What message can we convey that will aid in the achievement of forming enduring consumer relationships?

The answer may be humour.