10 things to do today to make financial services marketing simpler

Making financial marketing simpler

Louise Stevens

Client Services and Operations Director

Posted on February 25, 2015

Financial services marketing isn’t famous for its simplicity. There’s regulation, complex products and channel distribution to contend with, just for a start. So while we’re not pretending financial services marketing can be simple, what we are saying is that, with these essential tips, it can definitely be simpler.

10 ways to make financial services marketing simpler

1. Get your brief right

Know what you want and know how to communicate it clearly. On the flip side, be sure to work with a specialist finance sector design agency that understands financial services so you don’t have to waste time explaining the context for your brief. Even better, find an agency that will interrogate your brief, refine it and make it better.

2. Know your product

Make sure the manufacturing and wrapping (if relevant) of your financial product is finalised and clear before you launch into marketing it. You can’t educate others about a product you don’t understand yourself. And be sure any agency you work with understands your product too as well as your market.

3. Clarify your stakeholder sign off process

Get together a complete list of everyone who needs to give their approval for your marketing campaign, let them know where they fit into the timeline and allow for a little leeway in your deadline planning. (Although don’t tell them you’ve done that!)

4. Incorporate legal

Make financial services marketing simpler by incorporating legal from the start. They’re not a team to tag on at the end: they need plenty of time before your deadline to do their work and by keeping them in the loop you could head off compliance issues before they become too difficult to change on time.

5. Create compliant campaigns, first time

Sounds like a fantasy right? It doesn’t have to be if you work with creative people who understand your industry. Use in-house experts and agencies with proven financial services experience and you can get your copy and creative right first time.

6. Keep track of version control

Compliant-from-the-start is great, but it will still need tweaks. Stakeholders will want edits and adaptations, and in financial services marketing, where compliance is king, you need to know who has made what changes and when. Good version control tracks which versions have been approved and which copy has changed, helping you cut down on repeated reviews of the same work.

7. Stay on top of current affairs

Three weeks into your latest campaign and you might be riding high, but a new regulation or change in the market can pull the rug from under your feet. Stay vigilant for industry developments and keep your campaign ahead of the game.

8. Work with an integrated agency

Don’t spend your days briefing, re-briefing, chasing and emailing ten different agencies when you could use one agency that works in print and online, and uses a broad range of skill sets to do so.


Remember – keep it simple, stupid. Focus on creating simple campaigns that talk to the customer, and reach out to them where they are. Don’t create a video if your target customers don’t watch them and don’t spread yourself on social media channels where no one talks about finance.

10. Give customers what they want

According to a Harvard Business Review study into brand loyalty, ‘the single biggest driver of stickiness, by far, was “decision simplicity”—the ease with which consumers can gather trustworthy information about a product and confidently and efficiently weigh their purchase options.’ Make financial services marketing simpler by doing just that – make your campaigns and literature simple, informative and trustworthy.