Making your corporate brochure digitally measureable


Bridgette Ellis

Account Executive

Posted on September 17, 2018

Each year, companies industry wide collate information in order to inform their corporate brochure. Whether that brochure is being designed and printed to be a leave behind at meetings or to be distributed at events, at any one time there could be hundreds and even thousands printed.

But what happens when you decide to either remove/introduce a product/service from your offering, or the member of staff cited throughout the corporate brochure has left the company or their position changes? The cost to artwork and reprint the brochure can be expensive – especially when you have no idea as to what level of engagement you are receiving.

With alternative printed solutions now available, it is worth acknowledging how your standard corporate brochure can become digitally enhanced and measurable.

QR Codes

One of the most common and obvious ways to drive customers back to a specific web page is the implementation of a QR Code within your digital corporate brochure. This creates the ability to track traffic and understand the level of engagement that you are receiving from potential customers.

Whilst being perceived as slightly outdated, the addition of a QR Code built-in-camera app on iPhones, means that the code can be scanned with ease, making it convenient for potential and existing customers to engage with your content.

Augmented Reality

A step on from QR Codes, Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming an increasingly common option that marketers are considering. As a cost effective and accessible tool for marketing a digitally produced corporate brochure, AR is a cross-channel marketing tool that relies on having useful content available.

In comparison to QR Codes, AR is more convenient, allowing a user to scan an icon or image with their smart phone and the scanned content is downloaded onto their device – this ensures that the user sees only the intended content.

AR provides the ability to track traffic as well as capture timely, relevant and useful data to input into your CRM database and further inform your marketing strategy.

Clickable Paper™

An interactive print solution that uses image recognition software to connect printed material to digital content, Clickable Paper™ delivers one-touch access to multiple resources by simply pointing a smart device at the printed surface.

Giving you the marketer, the opportunity to dictate the level of engagement you receive, you are able to determine the action that you want your prospects to take – whether that be to make a phone call, opening a map to find where you are at an event or visit your website for a full list of products/services; this marketing tool gives you an invaluable chance to set and measure engagement digitally via your corporate brochure.

Needless to say, a digital solution may be worth considering if you are finding that you are having to make minor but important changes to your corporate brochure. This saves a proportion of your marketing budget and reduces the time that it would take to update any artwork and resupply to your printers in order to ensure that all your audience has timely and accurate information.