The opportunity presented by GDPR

Bridgette Ellis

Account Executive

Posted on May 12, 2017

Say “GDPR” and many marketers feel a little uneasy. GDPR represents a change in the way we as marketers acquire, process and store data. Gone are the days of simply buying lists and bombarding ‘prospects’ with emails and direct mail. Things have become more complicated than that.

But whilst many panic about shrinking data lists and how they’ll keep growing their lists, GDPR presents an opportunity.

Why ‘double’ isn’t a bad thing

It’s likely that double opt-in email strategies will become commonplace after the implementation of GDPR. Double opt-in requires a website visitor to confirm their email address by clicking on a link within an email, after they sign up for communications (for example an email newsletter). They are not part of your list until they have confirmed their email address.

It’s an extra step in the process and on the surface this sounds scary. It’s difficult enough to get a single opt-in, rather than getting a double opt-in.

However on the flip side of the coin, you’re building a list of prospects who are actively engaged with your business and really want to hear what you’ve got to say. If it’s true that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, then why not focus on the 20%?

The email marketing platform, Communigator reported that after implementing double opt-in on their website, they’ve seen an average 37% email click through rate (an increase from 15%).

This is a prime example of quality over quantity.

Stop wasting time and money

Whether we talk about direct marketing or email marketing, it’s obvious that time and money are being wasted trying to maintain lists of people that will likely never buy. Whilst it’s tempting to focus on the vanity element of the size of data lists, maybe it’s time to focus on what those lists actually deliver. GDPR inadvertently provides an opportunity to do this.