How to explain the value of SEO in your financial marketing strategy and prove ROI


Hayley Dawson

Senior Account Manager

Posted on April 9, 2018

As a financial marketing agency we are very familiar with our clients pain point of trying to communicate the value of SEO and proving its ROI to their colleagues and stakeholders.

One of the easiest ways to win them over on SEO is to simply ask questions. Seek to understand their perspective and potential scepticisms by letting them talk and truly listening to their outlook. By removing your preconceived notions of SEO you’re likely to hear something you’d otherwise block out.

Next, be sure to break it down into understandable terms and to not get bogged down in the detail. That level of information may be required if speaking to another marketer but remember you’re selling this concept to your boss, they don’t need to know everything about how you’re going to implement it.

Now you’ve created the perfect starting point for your discussion and you’re prepared for the challenging conversation, we recommend incorporating the following arguments into your discussion:

• It will help people discover your business over your competitors

It’s sensible to begin by explaining what SEO is to ensure you’re both on the same page. A helpful comparison is traditional, outbound advertising that broadcasts a message with the aim of reaching out to people in search of that particular product or service. In contrast, SEO makes it easier for people to discover your business over your competitors.

• It will increase the quantity and quality of website traffic

Moz describes Search engine optimization (SEO) as the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Google (or any search engine you’re using) crawls all content on the internet and their clever algorithm tries to match all of that data with the search query, displaying the most relevant content higher up in the organic search results.

• It is a long-term plan to a long-standing trend

More and more people are searching for things online and this trend isn’t slowing down – search isn’t going anywhere. SEO’s influence on organic search results is extremely valuable as it is these search results that bring in the most qualified visitors. By making sure your financial website clearly answers users queries with good content, it will make it more discoverable by Google.

The mention of a long-term plan could create a hurdle but it’s important to acknowledge that results are not going to be instant and a financial marketing SEO strategy is an investment. There are a lot of quick-win opportunities to boost traffic but the in-depth plan is going to achieve the real results.



So, you now feel comfortable justifying the value of SEO in your financial marketing plan, but how do you prove its ROI in your next meeting? You may be thinking that your boss only understands digits and has no time for more explanation, but the following strategy should help to generate that all important green light for the SEO budget:

• Align your SEO strategy to their concerns

Be sure to align your SEO strategy to the business concerns they are currently focused on. This will get their attention and you will be seen as providing useful insights, without the need to show a definitive ROI number.

• Provide examples of successful campaigns

Examples, case studies and testimonials go a long way when trying to prove the ROI of a campaign. If possible, find an example within the financial industry, take the time to break down the original concern, explain what was done and the results. This will allow your boss to relate to the issue, connect the dots and translate the results for your company.

• Provide reassurance with quantifiable results

Finally, let them know that results can be measured so they will be able to see for themselves that the business is seeing a ROI. Metrics such as website traffic, lead generation and conversions can all be attributed back to your SEO efforts.

Learning how to explain the value of SEO in your financial marketing strategy and prove ROI will hopefully give you the chance to implement a long-term strategy and effect change.