Why SEO is important for your financial services website


Richard Cowdery

Lead Digital Developer

Posted on January 29, 2018

You have a financial services website, you’re eager to attract new business, and engage with your current clients. How can SEO help with this? After all, content is what really matters and even an averagely put together website, providing it’s got AMAZING content, is going to do just fine.

But that’s not good enough.

SEO optimisation is the key to putting your business ahead of all the other financial services websites that are competing in the same space. Approaching SEO without proper planning and a goal of out-performing your rivals doesn’t make financial sense. It’s a crowded first page when those search results appear, it makes sense to do your best to get there and get to the top!

Here’s five reasons why you should pay attention to your financial website’s SEO.

1. It shows the information you want people to see

The first page of any search result is the place to be if someone is searching for terms that your business is focused on. It’s even better if it’s at the very top.

The title and description of a page needs to be relevant and informative. Click through rates will be higher if the information in the result given is aligned with the search terms. Therefore don’t leave it to chance that Google will know what information is important on your page. Be specific.

2. More keyword opportunities

Each page on a site is different. Carefully planning an SEO strategy will allow you to target different keywords on different pages to highlight different aspects of your business. There’s no need to cram every bit of information about your financial services business on a single home page. Google and other search engines show relevant content based on the phrases searched for, so it doesn’t matter where it might be on your site.

3. It creates a good impression of your business

Neat, consistent and helpful search results that appear for your financial services business not only help a user find what they need, but they show that you take a little bit of care of your site – and maybe people will think you’ll do as good a job for them too.

Also, if your website is properly built, and search engines take a liking to your SEO efforts, you’ll begin to find that information will appear as site links, local results on Google Maps, as featured snippets and so on. All of which adds another layer of professionalism that reflects well on your business.

4. Social media sharing

If you’re looking for your content to be shared across social media channels, good SEO will let you control the content that appears. Properly created meta information will allow you to decide the images and text descriptions that get shared, rather than leaving it to chance.

5. Your rivals are working hard at their SEO strategy

Those results on the front page didn’t get there by chance. The developers and content creators of these well-performing sites didn’t cross their fingers and hope for the best. There was a goal, a plan, and a team to carry out SEO research and implement it. It didn’t stop once the site was built or updated either. It was continually monitored and attempts were made to improve the sites SEO all the time.

While the purpose of SEO is simple, getting it to work can be more of a challenge if you lack the experience. Fortunately for you, Talisman has had plenty of experience in getting their client’s websites noticed. We’d be delighted to do the same for you!