Social media ideas: Creating smooth animated GIFs

David Rushton

Head of Digital

Posted on January 27, 2017

Social media has been partially responsible for a resurgence in the use of animated GIFS – an antiquated technology from the mid 90’s. Whilst many would associate such animations with B2C brands, there’s definitely a role for them within B2B financial marketing.

Animated GIFs provide financial marketers the opportunity to create posts that stand out by conveying personality, adding context and communicating messages more quickly. Their nature also means there are more likely to be shared, amplifying your reach.

The problem with animated GIFs is that there are so many ways of producing them, resulting in varying levels of quality. Too many appear ‘jumpy’ and thus amateurish – not a word a financial marketer would want to be associated with.

Recently we have begun developing animated GIFs using ‘Adobe After Effects’ and ‘Adobe Animate’ and the results have been extremely promising. Using these packages (rather than the traditional ‘Photoshop’ route) we have been able to develop smooth animations, with slick transitions – all whilst keeping the file size reasonable.

What’s more Adobe Animate also allows you to export the same animation in a number of formats that could be used for different platforms and display advertising.

If you are considering animated GIFs, we’d strongly recommend that you look closely at ‘Adobe After Effects’ and ‘Adobe Animate’.

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