The power of visual cues in financial marketing

Jessica Sims

Creative Strategist

Posted on March 10, 2017

Visuals can convey a message instantly – and we don’t mean infographics. Semiotics is a powerful tool when applied well as it creates an automatic response for the viewer, but the visual you choose needs to speak to the target audience and reflect your message.

Our minds unconsciously decode visual cues in order to understand, which means visuals often offer a solution to delivering complex information. This is applied across a wide variety of industries, but is predominantly seen in print and out of home advertising.

Land Rover is an excellent example of the power of well applied semiotics. The advert below relies on a person’s perception of hippos. Renowned for their sturdiness and adaptability to environmental factors, Land Rover have transferred these characteristics onto the vehicle through the adverts visual composition. And the visual has far more impact and stronger recall than a paragraph of words explaining the robust and sturdiness of the car.

Next time you convey a financial message, why not consider the theory of semiotics by asking: can I communicate the message in one visual?