Does your financial brand speak your language?


Kem Etele

Senior Account Manager

Posted on February 19, 2018

In a recent British poll, the public were asked to rate the reputability of various different industries. Surprisingly, the financial sector was voted last, even lower than the gambling industry. So why is the financial sector, often viewed so unfavourably?

As marketers we must first understand how our audience perceives our financial brand, to determine how they will interact with it. You can then work effectively to communicate your values and improve their perceptions of your brand.

Here’s a few tips on how to speak to your audience in a way that is engaging and familiar:

1. Recognise the importance of having a clear identity by developing a tone of voice that works in partnership with your brand values. Your brand identity represents the promise offered to your clients and it should be at the core of your business.

2. Clarity leaves little room for confusion. Try adapting your value proposition as if it were a 280 character tweet, this way you can simplify your message and eliminate any unnecessary words.

3. Consistent use of your tone of voice, throughout various channels such as on printed items, social media, face to face contact, all the way to what is recorded on your answer machine messages will encourage greater brand loyalty and build trust.

4. As a global brand, it may be useful to develop your guidelines in a way that can be translated into various languages. This can help to maintain a positive, trustworthy reputation and ensure your message does not get lost in translation.

5. It is important for your financial brand to have one voice. This will help your audience feel connected to someone they can easily relate too, rather than being another impersonal big brand.

Adapting the above tips will help ensure that your prospects and clients have a strong understanding of your financial brand and your tone of voice is communicating the desired values.