Building trust through your financial brand’s tone of voice


Jessica Sims

Creative Strategist

Posted on December 18, 2017

Perceived by many as an industry with oversights, financial services are seeking to reposition themselves as loyal and committed, and as a result have extended their brand’s tone of voice and messaging to become more consumer friendly and less corporate.

With consumers becoming more knowledgeable, it is important that consumer-facing deliverables are clear, positive and warm. Building a relationship based on trust takes time, however, an open tone of voice will help you on your way.

In this blog we highlight three key language approaches that will aid you on achieving a trust building consumer facing tone of voice.

The power of words

Stay positive:

Words can have a huge impact on how your customer engages with your brand – and therefore it is important to apply a positive stance; reframing from words that also have another connotation.

For example, cheaper should be referred to as cost efficient as this has a more positive connotation.

Take a personal approach:

To communicate your dedication, consider writing in the first person. Using terms that signify partnership will position you as being seen as client focused.

For example, consider using ‘we’, ‘here at’, ‘your’, ‘you’, ‘together we can’ and so on.

This personal element automatically implies that you are here to listen and that you value consumer relationships.


It is easy for us to get bogged down in the detail, and sometimes this mixed messaging can be confusing to the end consumer. Therefore, the two questions that you should always ask yourself are ‘does this word benefit the reader?’ and ‘is it necessary?’

These are just a few of the approaches that can help you on your way. For other techniques outside of language, take a look at our Mariana case study to see how we helped them to create a new brand identity that is more approachable and less corporate.