How to use email broadcast software to get the best results for your business

email broadcast software

Louise Stevens

Client Services and Operations Director

Posted on May 14, 2015

Over the last few years, email broadcast software has made it easier and easier for businesses to design, plan and deliver email marketing campaigns that get great results. Higher open rates, click-throughs and increased attendance at events are all being made possible thanks to broadcast software that understands users and businesses. And, what’s more, it’s becoming increasingly possible to achieve these results without hours of specialist help, thanks to easy to use templates, test systems and analysis facilities.

In our next blog, we’ll be looking at some specific ways that you can make HTML-based emails more clickable, but before we get to that, here’s our pick of the best broadcast software platforms on the market and some pointers on how your business can set up and use the right system effectively.

Choose the best software

With dozens of email marketing and broadcast systems now vying for businesses attention, navigating your way through the marketing spiel to find the best one can be hard work.

At Talisman, we’ve had the chance to work with most broadcasting systems on behalf of our clients, and to help you make a sound choice, we’ve narrowed it down to our favourite three.

Our top pick is Dotmailer – the one that we’ve kept coming back to and have used to manage our own email broadcasts over the last three years – closely followed by ExactTarget and Campaign Monitor.

We could compare the three head-to-head, but what matters most is that all three have the core features that are what makes broadcast software worth its weight.

Each one lets you build templates without the need for complex HTML coding while still allowing for beautiful imagery and responsive design. Each one lets you test your emails beforehand and then review and manage responses as they happen, integrating seamlessly with Salesforce and other large CRM providers. Our top three also have the added benefit of offering dynamic content, allowing you to change how content appears depending on the recipient, helping you to create targeted, clever campaigns that allow for multiple audiences.

The differences really come down to usability, which is subjective and depends a great deal on your technical ability, but if you’re going for ease of use then Dotmailer and Campaign Monitor take the edge. We recommend you test drive or demo all three, and weigh up for yourselves how each one could best suit your purpose.

Plan a killer campaign

As much as software makes life easier, by itself it’s not what will get you that looked-for high response rate.

Good email broadcasting needs even better strategy behind it. If the content isn’t considered, personalised, relevant and timed right, with a clear call to action, no fancy template will get the response you’re looking for.

Our free guide on How to create a compelling email campaign for the financial sector provides a walk-through strategy that covers how we at Talisman plan and execute successful email marketing campaigns for financial sector clients, like we did recently for Deutsche Bank. Free to download, this eight-step plan will get you well on your way to planning a game-changing campaign, and will help make sure your broadcast software does more than just look pretty.

Get the right help

It’s important to stress that although broadcast software makes it easier to design and send out emails without a need for complex coding knowledge, it’s not intended to replace expert help altogether.

What it does do is reduce the amount of help you’ll need and, as a consequence, how much you’ll need to spend on responsive, attractive email broadcasting projects. Good news, but it’s worth getting the right input at the right time.

Using an specialist financial marketing agency that is skilled at using the broadcast system of your choice to help you design an email template is still best practice. Software programmes are empowering the novice, but the calibre of template that a skilled designer can build is still hugely different to what can be done by someone without any coding experience.

If you’d like help to design, code and broadcast emails that will maximise your audiences’ responses, Talisman offers a range of services that can help. Whether we take care of everything or simply work with you to design the perfect email template for you to manage yourself through broadcast software platforms, we’re a proven choice to make sure your marketing emails always hit their mark.