Using LinkedIn to market your financial services company

Using LinkedIn to market

Tina Sadeghi

Account Manager

Posted on February 17, 2015

LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal brand, but if you aren’t using LinkedIn to market your company or connect with other financial services professionals, you aren’t getting the full benefit. Businesses in every sector are incorporating LinkedIn into their marketing and sales strategies and we have top tips for you to get started using LinkedIn to market your financial services company by growing your network.

Polish your profile

Your profile makes the first impression and the ideal profile includes:

Your profile acts as a launch pad to reach out to others in the financial services industry and potential clients so it needs to represent both you, your services and your company well.

Find and join the right groups

To effectively use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, you also need to create a presence outside of your profile. To become involved in the right groups, Jeff Haden recommends you:

  • First, use the search and filter function to find groups based on your goals
  • Review profiles of your current connections and evaluate their groups
  • Compile a list and join those groups
  • Finally, spend time observing discussion to decide which groups hold the most value to you

You can also create groups and company pages like Phillips Healthcare did to attract 73,000 followers from the healthcare industry. CitiGroup did the same in an effort to draw more female professionals to their male-dominated brand. They determined goals and used groups to make it happen.

Become a top contributor

Once you have a polished profile and are involved in groups, gain influence within those groups by joining the conversation. To do this:

  • Engage in existing discussions first to assess the rhythm of each group
  • Find or create valuable, group-specific content to share
  • Post questions or ask for advice
  • Be responsive in the discussions others start

Groups and a content strategy on LinkedIn are an excellent way to build your network, but there’s more than one way to reach out on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of LinkedIn paid services

LinkedIn offers paid services like Sales Navigator which uses your preferences like industry and job title, mutual connections and keywords to pinpoint profiles of sales prospects. InMail allows you to reach out to those contacts via their inbox giving you the opportunity to start a business relationship-if you handle it right:

LinkedIn is a tool itself. It has evolved well past the singular use of showcasing your resume to advance your career. Make it a part of your marketing strategy to grow your network and grow your business.