Are you using the right social media channels?

social media

Avni Tailor

Account Manager

Posted on November 27, 2015

We now live in a digitally-advanced world where everyone is always on the move, and information is available whenever we want it. This means that social interaction is a big part of our daily lives.

We at Talisman have seen the effects of how social media can build your company and bring new prospects to your door. Knowing what works for your company and for financial services will save you time and provide efficiencies in generating interest with potential customers.

With all social media channels, it is important to remember that your audience is what matters. The results are almost secondary to why you should use social media.

Take a look at our top tips for an effective social media strategy, tailored to each platform.


This is used by all audiences, from individuals to multi-national companies for snippets of news, market updates and investments. Tweets get straight to the point and trigger easy flowing conversations with audiences.

  • Capture your audience’s attention in 140 characters or less and allow them to find out more about your company.
  • Engage in conversations to show your company’s knowledge – highlight what you’re good at and how you can help.
  • Don’t be afraid to tweet more than once or twice a day – just make sure your tweets are relevant to your followers and to your industry.


Most businesses use LinkedIn to build up their database and have easy access to networks and individuals to build relationships and prospects. No matter the industry or company, this is the tool to use to engage audiences and offer relevant advice.

  • Post content that positions your company as an authoritative figure.
  • Publish news articles that are relevant to your industry and to your networks.
  • Use this as a tool to get in touch with potential customers, build up your research and expand.


We all use Facebook to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family, which is why this is an effective way to spread your company’s message. Be careful that the content you post is not misconstrued as spam by the networks you have available to you.

  • Make your content relatable to your audience and encourage them to share with their wider network.
  • Get creative with your messaging – remember, you have no character limitations.
  • Use engaging imagery that captures your audience’s attention.

What other channels should you use?

Google+ and YouTube can also play vital components to your business’ social media strategy – you can view these as secondary channels.

Google+ is a platform for organisations that have built their presence on core social media channels. Use this as a way to network with customers and potential leads, share your content and spread your message. It will improve your SEO, make searches easier and will make the most useful content available.

YouTube is a great way to engage audiences with your content. But before you decide to utilise this platform, ensure that you can post relevant and regular videos that not only build your brand but offer value to audiences.

Each social media channel is different, so remember to tailor the language you use and the messaging too. Make sure to be human and interact with your audiences – and most importantly, have fun with your content!