Using social media to create a one-on-one relationship

Bridgette Ellis

Account Executive

Posted on April 7, 2017

Social media is a critical way for companies to communicate with their clients, prospects and other targeted audiences on a personal level.

Wix (advertising agency in the US for the Super Bowl), have used both Facebook & YouTube Live to increase awareness during their advertisements. Leveraging these advertising methods has shown through analysis that they have had higher levels of engagement since using live streams as an option for advertising.

How is this beneficial to Financial Services and why should you be using it?

In 2010, The Guardian conducted research that revealed 86% of television advertising is skipped. As of January 2017, Facebook reported that they have 1.8bn active users. With the combination of over half of people skipping television adverts and a predicted 2.3bn people owning a smartphone at the end of 2017; this provides a major channel to be considered.

Financial Services could benefit immensely by utilising Social Media as a tool to engage with their audience, build rapport with existing customers and also add a modern outlook on how companies within Financial Services demonstrate their customer service capabilities.

Engagement is what distinguishes social media from traditional communication methods, and this undeviating interaction with current and prospective clients is a major benefit of the vast social media offering available to companies.