4 ways to use video in your marketing campaign

Video players: Three ways to use video in your marketing campaign

Simone Sanseverino

Posted on March 31, 2015

Did you know people retain information better when consumed through video rather than text? Or that 50 percent of internet traffic is attributed to YouTube?

Let’s look at how you can use video in your marketing to suit a financial services brand based on the videos top FS brands have produced. We can then look at how this translates to a marketing campaign focused on your network of clients.

Introduce your company and people

Ninety four percent of B2B buyers do online research before making a purchase meaning that for many the first impression of your company comes from your website. Video is a great media to use to introduce your company.

UBS uses video on their YouTube channel to showcase the professionals who work in the company. In the video below, an HR rep based in London talks about the culture of the company. This allows customers a look at the human side of a finance company.

You can introduce clients and prospects to your financial brand by placing a video like the one Cofunds used on their homepage or to give IFAs an introduction to the people and the type of company culture they would be working with if they choose your products and services. It initiates the relationship with potential clients/customers and sets expectations for a relationship with your company.

Show your brand’s personality

You can go further to show your company’s culture and give personality to your brand with videos on social media and your website which step away from the finance talk and tell your brand’s story.

Standard Chartered posts videos to their Facebook profile that highlight their active participation in several causes.

Your goal is to foster long term relationships with the clients in your network or those considering a business relationship with your company. Video content on social media is a way to maintain contact with IFAs and remind them of the company’s principles and philosophy-which they are ultimately a part of.

Educational resources

The products and services in the financial services industry can be complex and regulations in the market can change. Video is an effective way to provide information on market changes, company news or industry forecasts.

In the video below, Lloyd’s discusses cyber risk and the importance for companies to insure against exposure to technology, a topic becoming increasingly prevalent to their customers.

Financial services companies frequently develop new products, services or features such as apps or online services. Many take advantage of video to introduce and explain them.

Educational videos establish your brand as an authority in the industry when you offer valuable information to your IFAs, which helps them to better sell to their clients.

Video content marketing

In the screenshot, you can see how Barclays used a series of videos on entrepreneurship to engage visitors to their site and lead them on to more topical content.

Example of using video in a marketing campaign

Others, like HSBC, produce profiles of their clients like the one below which tells the story of how this bike company benefited from a relationship with HSBC.

Your goal is to help IFAs sell to their customers. You can use topical content series such as customer profiles or highlight specific demographics within your IFAs clientele whether it be retirees, risk adverse investors or young professionals.

Many financial services companies house videos like the examples above alongside their marketing ads in a library on their website, embedded within the pages of their site or on company YouTube channels.

Videos offer a form of visual content which can be used as part of a content strategy to provide information to your IFA network in a shareable media. It’s a way to go beyond text content and connect with customers.