How to achieve a 28% conversion rate with a novel direct marketing piece

BLP Lego competition pack

Financial services direct mail marketing

Cementing their product benefits

Building warranty and defects insurer BLP came to Talisman looking for a campaign to communicate their warranty product in an interesting and impactful manner.

We asked ourselves ‘how can BLP’s business ethos be best conveyed to Architect prospects in an engaging way?’.

An idea that just clicked

The creative concept we proposed was centred on the client’s relationship with the building industry and the fact that BLP’s insurance product allows architect’s the freedom to innovate their designs. This was a significant message, as typically architects’ designs can be restricted by the terms of their cover.

BLP Lego competition entry form BLP Lego marketing on phone
BLP Lego competition entries

Engagement through playfulness

The idea ‘Freedom to Create’, was expressed through the much-loved Lego building block toy. Executed as a direct mail piece, prospects received a small pack of Lego blogs and were invited to create a Lego building, sharing it online as part of the entry process.

The competition setup was truly integrated. Packs were designed, printed and packed in house, whilst our digital team built a microsite to collect entries. This activity was supported via social media channels and architects were able to engage with BLP across a wide variety of touch points.

Built for success

Our client was delighted with the campaign results, with a 70% engagement and 28% conversion rate.