Making content heavy literature more engaging

The City of London Corporation approached Talisman to design their London RMB Quarterly Business Report. Produced in collaboration with The People’s Bank of China, the report aims to further increase awareness of the currency and its role in London’s financial ecosystem; as well as further the City’s goal of growing links with China.

Based upon traditional Chinese illustration styles, we developed a system of overlapping circles which house business imagery from both London and China. The system is flexible enough to produce covers that are markedly different from one another whilst also being recognisable as part of a set.

City of London graphic style
City of London inside spread

The content of the report is very data heavy so, with the goal of making the document easier to read and more engaging for end clients, we divided the document into sections to provide multiple entry points. We also developed a grid system to organize all of the information and developed styles for chart information.

The end result is a more sophisticated and accessible report that mixes traditional Chinese and Western corporate styles.