Positioning and creative for a global marketing campaign

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Positioning the City of London as a powerful business partner for Asia

Afte a decade of partnership with Asia, City of London saw an occasion to celebrate and an opportunity to look to the next decade of partnership.

The corporation asked Talisman to position themselves, London and the UK as a powerhouse for finance, fintech and cyber security growth. We were tasked to develop an identity for the campaign, including logo and slogan creation and messaging.

Committed to you

In positioning London as the World’s Leading Financial Centre, it was important to ask why this mattered to Asia, what do the City of London Corporation, London and the UK offer that other financial hubs don’t? The insights gained lead to a choice of concepts being developed:

  • Growth through partnership
  • Home of global finance
  • Powering financial opportunities

The selected concept, ‘Growth through partnership’ incorporated  key elements within a simple and effective design. The creative celebrated the achievements of the previous decade and the potential of the next. The logo design was supported by the slogan ‘A decade of growth through partnership’ and the campaign’s 5 key messages.

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Time to act

Actions speak louder than words, and City of London Corporation knew that for a partnership to flourish, they needed a way to showcase their commitment to business and communicate that to their audience. As a result, we recommended the creation of case studies demonstrating City of London Corporation’s successes and authority.

Following interviews with City of London’s clients, we produced a range of case studies demonstrating key aspects of City of London’s service and support.

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City of London printed case studies