Planning, writing and designing quarterly issues of Cofunds’ Perspectives magazine, targeted at Financial Advisers

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Financial services content and design

Talisman has enjoyed a relationship over many years and dozens of projects with Cofunds and the production of Perspectives magazine is just one such project. The publication offers industry insight for financial advisers, featuring articles written by Fund Groups, experts and senior Cofunds managers.

Combining client engagement with lead generation

Cofunds were unsure if the publication should carry on being released both in print and through their Perspectives App, whilst IFAs found it to be an engaging read, it was only those that knew of the publication or were part of the Cofunds platform that benefitted from the content.

Cofunds ran some market research with IFAs and we worked with them to deduce that the publication would better serve Advisers and Cofunds if they kept the printed publication but also posted the content onto their website, fully optimised for search so new Advisers could find and read it.

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The key is engaging content

Now we had a distribution plan, we needed to start planning the content topics and producing the flat plan for the magazine. The content would be a mix of Cofunds thought leadership, Fund Manager content and Expert contributor topics that are not directly related to Financial Services, but focused on growing and managing their business and teams.

Working with our audience personas for Advisers, Paraplanners and Wealth Managers, we set about creating, planning and writing the content for the next issue, identifying topics of interest to Advisers from a financial perspective, such as ‘Pension perils – the risks and opportunities of the non-advised drawdown market’ and non-financial content, such as ‘The three common habits of high performing sales people‘, an article about improving sales in your business.

Pictures say a thousand words

Having written the content for the publication, we then set about working on the design. As visual communication plays an essential role in reader engagement, it was important that the images selected would both draw the reader in to the articles and relay the message of the article, working within the quarterly Seasonal feel of the magazine.

The final touch

To ensure that the highest standards were achieved, Talisman artworked the magazine, guaranteeing that it met Cofund’s brand guidelines and managed the print, fulfilment and distribution of the magazine across print and online.

Cofuds Perspectives magazine issues