Positioning Cofunds as thought leaders amongst investment platform providers.

Cofunds Perspectives magazine covers

Financial services magazine design

Like content, visual communication plays an essential role in reader engagement. Successful magazine production therefore manages both these elements to ensure that content is both relevant and beautiful.

Thought leaders

Talisman has enjoyed a relationship over many years and dozens of projects with Cofunds and the production of Perspectives magazine is just one such project. The publication offers industry insight for financial advisers, featuring articles written by Fund Groups, experts and senior Cofunds managers.

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The key is project management

Creating a detailed plan and acting like an internal marketing team, we united all contributing parties, simplifying the production process. We:

  • Created a complex project schedule
  • Managed content for expert contributor articles
  • Set up expert interviews with our copywriter
  • Liaised with fund managers, briefing and reviewing their articles

Pictures say a thousand words

Drawing on financial knowledge and creative expertise, Talisman aims to draw on an article’s key message as a trigger for creative image selection – bringing the editorial to life through composition and colour.

The final touch

To ensure that the highest standard is achieved, Talisman art-worked the magazine, guaranteeing that it met within Cofund’s brand guidelines and that production values were first rate.

Cofuds Perspectives magazine issues