Carving a point of difference and creating a visual identity for Formax.

Formax website design

Financial services brand positioning

A brand is much more than a logo. Here at Talisman, we help clients define their customer, narrow their focus and define their competitive advantage through a clear value proposition.

Getting to know the landscape

Formax was already a successful trading platform in China and was now opening an office here in London. Aware that British business culture and practive is very different, Formax asked us to help them define a niche market position and brand that would appeal to the UK market, as well as reflecting the company’s values and approach.

We gathered insights through the completion of a value discovery workshop with the client, along with industry, target market and competitor brand analysis.

Formax Chinese email shown on phone
Formax Prime website shown on laptop

The power of differentiation

Using this analysis, we revealed and crafted Formax’s differentiating point, one that emphasised their position as an exclusive ‘A Book’ operating platform. As a result, the company’s brand pillars focused on their honourability, loyalty, innovation and customer empowerment. These pillars formed the characteristics of their new brand informed the company’s tone of voice and value proposition.

Trading just became professional with Formax

Bringing the strategy to life, we designed three potenatial, with the selected route focusing on the company’s transparent ethos. This was communicated through colour pallet and typeface recommendations, open compositions and the use of photography and icons

Formax various logos
Formax Prime printed literature Formax-national flags