Email marketing campaign to HNW individuals

Developing a communications strategy

Inspired Asset Management tasked Talisman with developing an email communication plan targeting HNW individuals in order to promote their Property Bond. The objectives of the campaign were;

  • To increase product sales
  • To improve perception of the brand and the Bond
  • To encourage re-investment into the Bond

We reviewed their CRM database to find out what opportunities there were for personalisation and targeting, identifying three distinct audience segments; those who were currently invested in the bond, those who had never invested, but had had contact with Inspired and those who had previously invested in the Bond.

Once we had identified our audience segments, we could plan key messaging and email content to personalize the emails to each individual, to encourage investment in the bond. Our email approach relied on a series of emails, to ensure we caught prospects at the right time.

Improving brand perception

Having completed a review of competitors marketing as well as general market sentiment towards both the property industry and bond market, we set about reviewing the brand tone of voice, key messaging and visuals for the emails and landing pages to help improve how their audience perceived the brand and product.

Results that speak for themselves

Our emails not only achieved a 2% increase in open rates but saw a 5.5% increase in click throughs to the landing page as well as generating over £300,000 in investment.