Engaging email campaign improves open rates by 30%

The campaign was launched to introduce the new Notice Plus Account exclusively to existing Investec Savings customers. The objectives were to encourage account opens through the Investec Online system and also provide customers with the opportunity to recommend the exclusive product to their friends and family. It was imperative to ensure that the product was viewed as best-in-class in a crowded market space.

The secondary objective was to present the client base with an online survey to gain their feedback on the new notice savings account to facilitate Investec improving their systems and processes.

Putting the plan into action

We built a series of 4 x responsive emails in Dotmailer, alongside an online survey platform.

The campaign required complex data management and batch broadcasting to reach multiple family members with the same email address. Precise project management ensured a series of 14 emails were sent over a one month period.

The survey comprised of multiple choice, free text and rate-scale questions and an anchored logic flow. The system also allowed for visual reporting in an infographic style and anonymous survey responses.

Measuring success

Our emails achieved an average 51% open rate with average click through rates reaching up to 10% across the campaign.