Investec Structured Products

Designing a visual identity for a financial CPD training programme

Talisman client: since 2007.

Brief: to create a logo and visual identity for an IFA training programme launched by Investec Structured Products.

Since 2007 we have helped Investec setup and maintain their structured products marketing in the UK. In this time we have had the opportunity to work on a number of programmes and initiatives that have helped grow their market share.
One such example is the CPD programme, which offers IFAs continued professional development through online, on-phone and in-person training. With the programme launching in January 2016 amongst a growingly competitive B2B training market, Investec tasked us with creating a visual identity that would signify the growth opportunities available to IFAs – whilst still being recognisable alongside the long developed structured products brand.

Solution: design and artwork a suite of assets to be used across multiple training channels.

IFAs who signed up to CPD are required to complete 35 hours of training per year. Investec’s CPD programme is split across a variety of media, which is something that needed to be clearly communicated at the outset.

Our design team therefore created a logo best described as an education tree. Including the Investec colour palette and related icons, it simply communicated the educational aspect of the training in a visually appealing format that could be used across online, advertising and print. Alongside the logo we also provided a suite of assets that could be used on an individual basis to signify the different stages of the training – online, on-phone and in-person.

Challenge: rolling out the various assets onto multiple channels.

Once Investec approved the creative concept, we had a tight deadline to get all of the assets prepared for the various channels that Investec had booked to promote the programme. Within the same week we created/designed a variety of versions to be used on the Investec website educational page, email and social banners, and print/online advertising.

Results: an engaging visual identity that supports the birth and development of Investec Structured Products CPD.

The new educational identity has allowed the client to launch their CPD programme with maximum impact across a whole host of channels, whilst also allowing them to challenge their competitors for a share of the B2B training market. Read about how we launched Investec’s structured product offering in the UK here.