Creating a flexible design system for an expanding CPD training programme.

Investec IFA training pack

Creating a new visual identity for an IFA training programme

Investec asked us to design an attractive and distinctive identity and packaging for their IFA Structured Products training programme.

Counting towards the CIS 35 hours of compulsory continuous professional development,  Investec’s programme comprised numerous topics that was to be communicated via various channels.

The required design solution had to be channel versatile and have the means to grow with the introduction of new topics

Branching out

Our solution was an educational tree that provided the means to symbolise various topics, branching out from the roots of structured products. Topic iconography that all reflected Investec’s brand identity.

Used across print and digital advertising, email communications, event banners and flyers, as well as social media posts, all deliverables were designed and produced at Talisman.

Sign up

Launching Investec’s CPC programme across a host of channels, in the first three months over six hundred IFAs registered, 23% of which were new contacts.


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