Investec Structured Products Advertising

Investec advertising for Structured Products

Talisman client: since 2007.

Brief: design and manage new advertising campaign focusing on Investec’s structured product offering.

At the start of 2016 Investec Structured Products decided to re-enter the world of trade advertising. They came to Talisman with a brief to create a new campaign focusing on their FTSE 100 Defensive Kick-Out Plan, a product designed to perform well, regardless of whether the markets are up or down, and a relatively safe bet throughout a period of economic uncertainty blighted by obstacles such as Brexit and the US Presidential election. With the additional objective of building brand awareness.

Solution: utilise our strong understand of structured products and regulation to provide new copy and a fresh design.

Using our industry experience of the structured products market, as well as our understanding of associated regulation and the client’s strong brand identity, we created a great advertising campaign. The chosen headline was “All-terrain investment vehicle”: durable and hard wearing, whatever conditions arise across the investment landscape.

Visually we developed Investec’s advertising style to use a much larger, bolder headline style and close crops of their iconic zebra photography; a style that we’re currently designing across the rest of their marketing channels.

We have also recently refreshed the campaign with a follow up headline – “Stay on track across all terrain” – and a new zebra image, in order to run the campaign for longer.

As well as designing the initial creative, we also took over management of Investec’s media schedule, ensuring adverts were resized and approved to meet the various deadlines for publications such as Financial Adviser and Money Marketing on a weekly basis.

Results: an engaging advertising campaign with the perfect blend of regulation, compliance and creativity.

Because Investec has such a strong brand image, and we’re confident using it, we were able to blend brand imagery with creative, new headline and body copy – reflecting our solid understanding of structured products and FCA regulation.