Looking for security during periods of market uncertainty

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Financial services advertising campaign

Understanding our clients’ business and market is a key focus here at Talisman. It’s critical to helping brands discover their unique selling point, setting them apart from competitors.

Confidence during a period of uncertainty

Whilst stock markets were volatile, and the Brexit vote and US elections were looming, we identified the potential appeal of Investec’s FTSE 100 Defensive Kick-Out Plan to invstors, which offered significant upside potential as well as downside protection.

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An enduring campaign

Talisman has been marketing Structured Products since 2001 and this experience helped us develop a range of the concepts based on the theme of balancing security and uncertainty. The successful campaign was titled, ‘All-terrain investment vehicle.’

Producing an advertising campaign which would endure the length of the product offering and maintain investor interest was important to us. We produced a range of deliverables under the overarching concept and a follow-on headline of, ‘Stay on track across all terrain’.

Following the campaign, Investec saw a 13% brand search increase, 400 new calls from IFAs and an uplift in product sales.