Investec Structured Products

A financial marketing campaign to launch Structured Products into the UK

Talisman client: since 2007.

Brief: to launch Investec’s structured product offering in the UK to IFAs.

In 2007 Investec entered the UK structured products market with the intention of gaining substantial market share very quickly. While Investec had strong brand awareness in South Africa, they had very little recognition in the UK and the structured products marketplace already had a number of substantial product providers, including household names Barclays and Abbey.

Investec appointed us to deliver an integrated campaign strategy targeted at IFAs. Why? Because we had already worked with key members of the Investec team elsewhere, and we already had over ten years of experience in structured products with providers including Abbey, Barclays, NDF, Abbey/Santander, Credit Suisse and Scottish Widows.

Developing literature to support the campaign

Solution: to provide and execute an integrated marketing strategy targeted at IFAs.

We used our industry experience to develop a homogenous plan which included literature copywriting, design and production, direct mail and email communications with IFAs, a dedicated product website, telemarketing and advertising. We worked alongside Investec to develop launch plans, timetables and budgets.

Our knowledge of structured products marketing meant we were in the right place to specify and purchase IFA data and generate a database that is still used for all direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns.

Literature was initially copy written by us and over the years has been subsequently updated and adapted. The Investec structured products brand identity was also developed by us within the Investec Bank guidelines and rolled out across all marketing collateral.

We designed and built the original Investec structured products website and over the six years we have been working together, we continue to develop the site both in terms of design and technical capabilities to ensure they are delivering the best possible information and service to both IFAs and direct investors.

Investec have continued to launch plans into the market place on a six weeks tranche basis. As one suite of products comes to a close another replaces it in the marketplace. As a result, we have developed quick and efficient processes to ensure speed, accuracy and cost efficiencies to the client.

Bringing the Structured Products offering online

Challenges: maintaining the momentum.

Having hit the top within the first three years the trick is never to be complacent. We are continually reviewing the strategy and our processes to ensure we achieve all of the efficiencies that can be made. It is what our clients expect of us and us of ourselves.

Structured Products Marketing

Results: six years of continuous success.

In the six years since their launch to market, Investec have grown to become the biggest provider of Retail Structured Products within the UK market place.

Investec has won Professional Adviser’s Structured Products Award for Best Structured Products Provider for the last six years (2009 – 2014) as well as the Award for Best Marketing Collateral. In total they have won an impressive 14 Structured Products Awards across six different industry bodies.

We are celebrating our 66th launch with Investec in May 2016.