New case studies became an invaluable part of Investec Treasury’s sales strategy

Investec Treasury literature

Let your work speak for you

Investec Treasury asked us to help in the development of case studies to help them communicate with existing clients and new prospects.

We suggested the repurposing of existing case studies and creation of new case studies and developed a timetable and structure for their production.

Harmonising message and design

A range of case studies were required to meet the requirements of the various client sectors that were targeted. Studies also needed to reflect where readers were in their buying journey.

For effective presentation, case studies were edited to provide soundbites for the purpose of sales displays and aids. and these reinforced Investec Treasury’s visual identity, as well as being relevant to the content.

This approach allowed us to utilise Investec Treasury’s sales platform, ‘Showpad’, which allowed for case study engagement to be tracked, with data being fed back to the sales force CRM.