Developing a more accessible and appealing retail brand for Mariana

Mariana selection of brochures

Financial services visual identity

Mariana were looking to broaden their Investment Solutions business by introducing a suite of Tax Efficient Investment products, to sit with their existing Structured Products offering. They were new to this market and felt that their current brand identity made them seem very corporate and unapproachable. They wanted to appeal more to end investors, but whilst maintaining a professional brand image.

A new look

We started by looking at the company name and logo. By dropping the ‘Capital’ from the company name it instantly made them less corporate and more approachable. We also modernised the logo, keeping the existing trench icon but modernised it and using a sans serif type face instead of serif. We brightened their colour palette from a traditional banking blue and added new secondary colours to differentiate between the different product lines now on offer.

On top of this we developed an imagery style that was unique to them, and different to what everyone else in the industry is currently using. Playing on the Mariana trench theme from which the company name was founded we developed imagery using patterned fish and coral.

Mariana brochure covers preview
Mariana application forms Mariana printed application form

Reaching new depths

Our visual identity enabled the client to launch the product range with maximum impact, positioning the company as approachable in the minds of end users.

Mariana whitepaper
Mariana website shown on tablet