Developing a more accessible and appealing retail brand for Mariana.

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Financial services visual identity

With clients offering a range of products for different target groups, a company will have to draw on alternative brand characteristics to demonstrate their relevance.

We advised Mariana on how to maintain their existing brand recognition and authority, whilst also repositioning them for new retail market by bringing other brand characteristics to the fore.

A new look

Through the design process we deconstructed the brand to its basic design principles, exploring the meaning behind the brand’s current representation.

Out visual proposals involved an overarching coral theme, developing the original brand’s use of the Mariana trench.

As a visual tactic to help prospects see the company as more friendly and approachable, we:

  • Dropped ‘Capital’ from the company name
  • Modernised the logo by applying a san serif, introducing softness through line shape
  • Introduced an innovated colour pallet reflective of the theme, moving away from conventional financial colour pallets
  • Provided Mariana with a visual identity that was instantly recognisable across all consumer touch points

From corporate to approachable

Wanting to broaden their investment solutions, Mariana introduced a retail-facing suite of Tax Efficient Investment products. Tapping into this market required a new approach, one that was relevant to the end-user.

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Mariana application forms Mariana printed application form

Reaching new depths

Our visual identity enabled the client to launch the product range with maximum impact, positioning the company as approachable in the minds of end users.

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