High quality design and production values for MUFG client events

MUFG Cowes Week invitation

Financial services event marketing

Within the financial industry, events are a proven method of increasing client engagement, providing brands with the opportunity to build relationships.

Making a good first impression

In most cases, the first touch-point for an event is the company’s invitation. Therefore, attention should be focused on increasing engagement with beautiful invitation messaging, design and production, as well as the event format itself.

MUFG invite shown on tablet MUFG event invitation
MUFG baseball event invitation

A family of invitations, but each one different

MUFG restricted their invitations to their current client base, inviting this exclusive target group to multiple events throughout the year. As a result, MUFG needed invitations that were different from each other, but which also sat coherently together.

Developing a series of event templates to ensure that all invites would relate to each another, differentiation was achieved through event and invite concept creations, which tapped into the target group’s interests. Each concept was communicated through photography and bespoke messaging.

It’s arrived

We drove over 400 responses, with a mail open rate of 22.5%, alongside a return mail rate below 1%.