Brand positioning and a new visual identity

Omnilife branded notebook and pen
Omnilife branded presentation material

Invigorating a tired brand

For nearly 30 years, Omnilife had operated under the same branding and carved a niche for themselves as the quirky player in the group risk market. However as time went on, it became all too clear that their visual identity was dated and perhaps even holding them back from their ambitious growth plans. Talisman was therefore approached to develop a future-proof brand strategy and bring their visual identity into the 21st century with a modern and creative new look.

Unique positioning within the group risk market

Talisman set to work analysing the competitor landscape to understand how similar players in the group risk market positioned themselves. Armed with this knowledge, we ran multiple brand workshops with the team at Omnilife to uncover the aspects of their offering that set them apart from their competition. This also included a qualitative survey to past and present clients to understand the external perspective of Omnilife.

Very quickly during our research and analysis it became clear that Omnilife had been quietly redefining the service standards of the group risk market, which was reinforced by their unquestionable expertise. And thus the foundations of our brand positioning were laid for the development of a full brand strategy, including brand archetypes, values, mission statement and proposition.

Omnilife branded letterhead, envelope and business card
Person viewing the Omnilife website on mobile phone

Developing a compelling visual identity in a highly competitive landscape

Once the brand positioning was established, we set about translating this into a beautiful visual identity that told the story of who Omnilife were today. We selected a colour palette that was unique to the market and designed bespoke illustrations to support a modern brand identity that communicated Omnilife’s new values and mission.
The result was a compelling and impactful visual identity, rolled out across a brand new website as well as all sales and marketing collateral, backed by a concrete brand strategy brought Omnilife into the 21st century.