A Private Bank Client

Using content and inbound to support financial marketing campaign

Talisman client: since 2010.

Brief: To develop a campaign strategy to engage and reposition the bank with 25,000 savings clients.

A Private Banking provider came to Talisman in search of an integrated marketing campaign that would reposition the bank and engage with 25,000 potential Private Banking customers who may not have been aware of the other services the bank offered. However, the brief was to engage with a ‘neglected’ client base in a new and innovative way that makes them feel part of a Banking experience and ‘not just another number’, whilst utilising interesting and engaging content.

Solution: An integrated inbound marketing campaign, utilising direct mail, email marketing, engaging content and personalised website.

Our solution was an inbound integrated marketing campaign, using traditional direct mail, email marketing, engaging content and a personalised website. Having implemented inbound marketing campaigns for ourselves and other clients we knew the huge rewards that can be reaped from well thought through content and a personalised experience for the end user.

We began by looking at what other Private Banks were doing, what Private Banking meant to an individual, and most importantly what should it mean to them. Alongside the client, we developed a campaign strategy that wasn’t a boom or bust attack, but focused on building a relationship with the customer over a minimum of 12 months. This strategy involved:

  • Targeted direct mail – offering competition give-aways and events.
  • Email marketing – providing prospects with their own personal private banker.
  • Personalised website – providing interesting, unique content from the client, giving potential customers the chance to find out the latest on many sporting and cultural events they couldn’t get elsewhere, alongside financial market insights.

Email marketing formed a core part of the campaign

Results: A successful campaign with 25% conversion rates.

The campaign has been a great success, through A/B testing on emails and carefully thought through copy we are seeing email open rates of over 50% with click through rates to the website of above 25%.

We’re also utilising a clever little tool called Hubspot, which means we can give the sales team at Investec definitive leads to contact, as we know exactly where people have been on the site, tracking all of their interaction. Hubspot has been an incredibly powerful tool in this campaign, allowing us to broadcast emails, track what is working on the website and emails, see where users are going and provide detailed marketing and sales reports and analysis to the client.