Santander Consumer Finance

Santander Consumer Finance employee engagement campaign

Talisman client: since 2013 

Brief: design and execute a high impact creative campaign for the Santander Change Programme – “Right Attitude, Right Outcome” – that would motivate and inspire employees across the business.

In order to drive the company on its next phase of growth, senior management decided to embark on a long term change programme entitled “Right Attitude, Right Outcome” which was announced at the company’s annual conference before Christmas 2015. The messaging of the programme was centred on the 9 key Santander behaviours – and how employees could use these behaviours in their everyday working environment to improve the way they interact with customers and all other stakeholders.

To kick-off the new programme, Talisman was tasked with producing a high impact creative campaign that would be showcased in the head office following the annual conference. Most importantly the client wanted this communication to be non-corporate in both style and substance, in order to inspire employees and get them ‘on-side’ in the vital early stages of the change programme.

Santander Change Programme – “Right Attitude, Right Outcome”

Solution: create an engaging visual campaign that each staff member, regardless of age or gender can relate to and rebrand their head office with large format printed materials.

Since the client was asking the company’s employees to embark on a long term journey of change, they needed to make sure they were all familiar with the key behaviours and what this meant to their day to day roles. Because of this requirement, we felt the behaviours would best resonate with employees through the medium of song.

For example for the first of the 9 behaviours – Bring Passion (“I bring passion and energy and I give my best”)

…was accompanied by the legendary funk artist James Brown and his lyrics “Get up!! Get on up!!”

Once the behaviour/musician combination had been approved our creative team was able to focus on choosing the right photography for each area of the building to accompany the song and lyric. These graphics were installed all over the head office – reception and lift areas, stairwells and green rooms – using a low tack self-adhesive material fabric called phlex, provided by our partners at Think Ambient.

A create visual campaign to reach each member of staff

Challenges: to find artists and lyrics best suited to the Santander Consumer Finance employee demographic, as well as the wider Santander brand.

This was very much a two way process between client and agency. Weighing up the young demographic of the business, versus the long term nature of the programme, we agreed on the following artists to match the 9 key behaviours:

Bring Passion – James Brown – “Get up!! Get on up!!”

Talk Straight – Bee Gees – “It’s just your jive talkin’ that gets in the way”

Embrace Change – David Bowie – “Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange”

Show Respect – Aretha Franklin – “All I’m askin’ for is a little respect (just a little bit)”

Speak Up – Katy Perry – “I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!”

Keep Promises – Beyonce – “If you’re keeping your promise, I’m keeping mine”

Give Support – The Beatles – “I get by with a little help from my friends”

Truly Listen – Ramones – “You gotta learn to listen, listen to learn”

Actively Collaborate – Bruno Mars – “You can count on me ‘cause I can count on you”

Reflecting the Santander Consumer Finance brand

Results: a large scale creative installation that is both striking and engaging in equal measure.

With a programme of this scale, the objectives and measurements of success will be defined as it progresses over the long term. So far it appears that the design and communication resonates with employees on a personal level, and this is a great starting point for senior management – we will be working with them closely going forward to agree how the programme will be progressed, as they look to champion the long term change required to keep the business best in class.

Helping to keep the business best in class