An internal communication campaign designed to inspire Santander’s employees into action

Santander James Brown wall art

Financial services internal communication campaign

Launching an internal communications campaign that resonates with employees at every level is a considerable challenge.

Dedicated to the long-term performance objective of ‘Right Attitude. Right Outcome,’ Santander introduced nine key attitudes to their staff. These attitudes were designed to guide every employee’s working environment, with the ultimate goal of improving customer and employee interaction.

We partnered with Santander to create a campaign that simplified their new performance objectives. We developed a suite of inspiring messages which would appeal to their employees from different demographics – encouraging everyone to action.

Santander Aretha Franklin wall art
Santander David Bowie wall art

The power of lyrics

Music has the ability to bring people together, conjure up emotions and is easily memorable. Our creative concept used this to communicate Santander’s desired message through relevant lyrics from famous artists.

Music can be heard in the corridors of Santander

Executing the campaign through the format of large print designs, campaign graphics were installed at head office in the  reception, lifts, corridors and green rooms. Print placement was crucial to our engagement strategy, targeting areas that staff passed through regularly and where meetings and discussions took place.

A number one hit

A follow-up internal survey revealed that 90% of staff members instantly recalled seven or more competencies and attitudes out of the nine.

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